The Lairds

@ pre-nuptual drinksThe Lairds live in Australia; Su and Rod, James, Estee and Nicola [Laird-Wah], and Katja [Mouvlin] and Travis [John].  This web site lets you find your way to each of the family member’s sites and explore their work. You will also find links to family travel blogs as they emerge.

Our earliest web site goes back to 1994 – it’s pretty archaic, being largely hand coded. But there’s lots of quaint old family history there, including links to our old end of year newsletters, which provide a pretty comprehensive history of our ramblings.

If it’s history you want, then there’s also the Laird-Moreton geneology database online too… (You can download all the data if that’s useful to you too)

Take a look at this site’s blog posts for links to our travelogues.

There is a “rolling” photo album with just a few images of the last year available here

You can contact us via the footer information should you need to do so.